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Shusamaj Foundation

“Shusamaj” is a Bengali word means “Free & Fair Society”. Shusamaj is a non-government, non-profit and non-partisan organization established in 1989 in the southwest region of Bangladesh with the initiatives of enthusiastic and energetic social workers. Shusamaj Foundation is intending to promote socio- economic condition for the bottom & helpless poor and marginal groups.
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Surprise Box

As flood water recedes from most parts of Bangladesh and tough challenges such as scarcity.

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Helping Hand

The recipients will be able to meet immediate needs such as purchasing immediate food.

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Aid for Children

Post-flood rehabilitation is no less challenging than during-flood operations us.

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About us

Shusamaj Foundation has a skilled field force

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Shusamaj Foundation has an expert team consisted with three members, these includes Mr. Hossain Uddin Shekhar Phd, he is a professor of Dhaka University and he has strong background to conduct research activities. He completed five years research on arsenic issues in association with Shusamaj Foundation. Mr. Rabiul Islam, he has 30 years working experiences in various International organization including Caritas- Bangladesh, Care-Bangladesh, Concern Worldwide-Bangladesh, Smiling Sun Network. He has expertise in the areas organizational capacity building, staff management, report writing, monitoring and evaluation, development of project concept note and project proposal, agriculture and natural resource project management, livelihoods and health project management etc.  Mr. Manash Ranjan Bhadra is a consultant of Shusamaj Foundation, he has vast experience in the area of media campaign, health issue, publication and social research. 

In addition to that, it has number of dedicated staff with multi-sectoral skills including Children and Adolescent development, women empowerment, Gender issues, Development of the disable etc.

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Some Recent Projects

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Here are the objectives that we are working on
  1. To rehabilitate rural poorest people and destitute women
  2. To undertake programs for empowerment of child and adolescents through establishment of their socio-economical rights
  3. To create awareness of the “have not”s and organize them for socio-economic development
  4. To respond to the needs of the distressed people caused by the natural and social disaster
  5. To aware people on drug abuse and Child & Women trafficking

Programs for Disables

Home for Old Homeless People

Awareness About Safe Drinking Water

Fatalities of HIV/AIDS and STDs








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Shusamaj aspires that all the Beneficiary groups and inter group structures come up as independent Institution; and capable to run their programs without any external assistance, take the challenge to meet their own interest through empowerment and emancipation of the poorest people of the project area irrespective of sex, religion, caste and creed towards the establishment of a free and fair society where the common people can ensure full participation and have the opportunity of latest information and technology.

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