Major achievements :

  • 5,000 vulnerable families have been provided food relief including rice, pulses, edible oil, sugar, salt, suzi, ORS etc as three months ration which reduced food crises and improved malnutrition.
  • 2000 families have been provided blanket to reduce the sufferings from cold wave.
  • 10 Deep Tub well (DTW) has been installed to ensure safe drinking for three hundred families.
  • 300 families have been received housing materials whose dwelling houses were broken by the flash flood.
  • 215 plinths of houses were raised with mud so that their houses are safe from the flash flood level.
  • 10 kilometer road has been planted with timber and fruits trees to reduce the impact of climate change.
  • 25,000 saplings including fruits, timber, medicinal etc have been distributed to plant at the homestead areas to meet the family consumption and to reduce the impact of climate change.
  • Life skill training has been provided to 3,000 adolescents to improve the livelihoods and 1,500 parents have been received life skill training so that they can help the adolescents towards a better life.
  • 500 adolescents have been received skill development training including sewing/tailoring, handicrafts, motor driving, carpentry, welding, computer operation etc. Many of them have been employed.
  • 75 early marriage cases have been prevented in association with the communities and other stakeholders.
  • 200 children have been removed from the hazardous job of which 70 children have been admitted into school.
  • 15 children have been rescued from the human trafficking and four children have been re-integrated.
  • 55 disabled have been received households assets including goat, cow which benefited them economically.
  • 78 vulnerable women have been received legal aid support victimized by the illegal divorce, physical torture dowry etc
  • 2,800 vulnerable women have been benefited by the micro finance program
  • 327 vulnerable women have been developed as a small entrepreneur with entrepreneurship training and financial support.
  • 19700 vulnerable women have been benefited through Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) program including economic development, technical skill development and social development.