1. To rehabilitate rural poorest people and destitute women

2. To undertake programs for empowerment of child and adolescents through establishment of their socio-economical rights

3. To create awareness of the “have not”s and organize them for socio-economic development

4. To respond to the needs of the distressed people caused by natural and social disaster

5. To aware people on drug abuse and Child & Women trafficking

6. To aware and motivate poor people for income generating activities like aqua-culture, micro-enterprise, non-farm trades and handicrafts

7. To organize programs for increasing health-care and nutrition awareness

8. To arrange various programs for disables’ development

9. To launch programs for old citizens and build ‘Old Home’

10. To build awareness about safe drinking water and sanitation

11. To aware community people about environmental equilibrium and social forestation

12. To aware the people about fatalities of HIV/AIDS and STDs

13. To organize networks and forums of grassroots voluntary organizations and civil societies for people’s empowerment and transparency

14. To arrange various types of programs for establishment of democracy in grassroots level as well as in national level

15. To strengthen the coordination among the Voluntary Development Organizations (VDOs) of Bangladesh