The specific objectives of the survey are: (i) to collect information on household level demographic characteristics such as household size, and age structure by gender; (ii) to collect information on selected socio-economic indicators at household level, e.g. education, occupation, landholding size, ownership of household assets, household income and expenditure, employment etc., types of living house, selling of physical labor, number of meals/day, and household water sources; (iii) to undertake relevant anthropometric measurements for assessing indices of nutritional status among children and women; (iv) to estimate the status of poverty prevailing in the study location; (v) to assess opportunities to establish a process of empowerment through creation of broad-based village organizations; (vi) to collect information on credit delivery mechanism for the rural poor for introducing credit programme; and (vii) to collect information to determine the status of primary health care, water and sanitation services.